About Us

About us

DIYGADGET.com is world's fastest-growing specialty e-tailer of customized electronics, components and entertainment modules. DIYGADGET.com offers consumers a unique shopping experience with the latest technology and entertainment modules, at the right price. 

We started to offer JP1 cables to our customers back in 2006. At that time, we use simple javascript shopping card as our storefront. It was not too nice, but got the job done! 

Javascript store interface back in 2006:

Since then, we started to offer more products, such as JTAG cables for various electronic products. We soon realized that the javascript based shopping cart could not handle our high volume transactions, and it was missing some features that we really liked to offer to our customer. At the end of 2006, we upgraded our shopping cart.

Storefront from 2007 to summer of 2008:

Three years later years, we replaced our store front.

Storefront  from 2009 - 2017:

Storefront  from 2017 - 2019:

We offered more products, We really love our new store interface, the checkout process couldn't be smoother! We know our customers are going to love it! We can be contacted via our ticket system at http://www.csbooth.com.