Mini USB Development Board - PIC 18F2455

Product Code: USBPIC18F2455
Availability: 2-3 Days

This is a mini USB development board features a PIC 18F2455 microcontroller.


Full Speed USB 2.0 (12Mbit/s) interface 1K byte Dual Port RAM + 1K byte GP RAM
Full Speed Transceiver 16 Endpoints (IN/OUT)
Internal Pull Up resistors (D+/D-)
48 MHz performance (12 MIPS) 
Pin-to-pin compatible with PIC16C7X5  

This development board gives you the freedom to start with PIC programming with minimal budget.

The crystal on this board is 12MHz. The datasheet of PIC 18F2455 can be found here:

This is a development board only, no firmware installed. In order for this board to function, you will need to install your own firmware. This chip has bootloader programmed, thus you can install your own firmware via USB, thus you do NOT need a separate programmer to program the PIC.

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