DVD Power Adapter Version 4 with Integrated PMT, Unlock Tool and USB Power

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DVD Drive Power Adapter V4 with integrated POGO MO THOIN and flash unlock tool for the PC.

You can also power it by USB for certain models of DVD drives.

It converts the DVD Power input plug to a standard PC Molex Power plug. It features a power on/off switch.

You also need a PCI to SATA controller card and case opening tool.

This is the version 4 (latest) of the adapter.

The version 4 features the following improvements: 

  • Onboard USB power connector (No Molex power required if you don't need to eject the tray in the process)
  • Improved PCB design and layout
  • Integrates Pogo Mo Thoin tool for Liteon DVD drives (No cut no solder)
  • Integrates flash unlock tool so you can unlock the flash
  • Added support for debug mode (on some DVD-ROMs)
  • Added two LEDs to indicate the status of "Eject" button
  • Added two LEDs to indicate the status of "Debug/Mode B" button. LED1 indicates Mode B, LED2 indicates normal mode
  • Using a higher VA rating low dropout positive regulator to convert 5V DC to 3.3V DC
  • Added a power on/off switch, so no need to remove Molex plugin

Comes with a DVD drive power cable (white) This board has an eject switch for the driver and 2 LED indicators to tell you the board is functioning.

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