Buffered Blackcat JTAG cable for Cable Modem

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This is a buffered JTAG cable made for cable modems.

If you want to repair the the software on your cable modem (usually in a debricked or damaged state) or load custom firmware into your cable modem, this is a must have cable. It allows you to change and backup the memory and address. Reads and writes flawlessly!

A buffer chip was soldered on the PCB inside the DB shell. The buffered JTAG cable is not only reliable but also safe to use. There are reports that unbuffered JTAG cable damaged a lots cable modems.

This is the 2nd generation of the JTAG cable manufactured by TIAO Corp. TIAO has a long history of making JTAG cables. They make the world's best JTAG cables. The first generation JTAG cables have resistors directly soldered to the wires (year 2004/2005). The 2nd generation of JTAG cables (starting from the year 2007) uses Printed Circuit Board inside DB25 shell. All SMD resistors are soldered on a small PCB. It is proved to be much more reliable than the first generation of JTAG cables. TIAO is the only manufacture uses PCB for JTAG cables. Other vendors or homemade JTAG cables still use 1st generation technology, soldering resistors on wires directly.

TIAO's JTAG cable also comes with solderless adapter, which means you can load the firmware to your cable modem without soldering anything. TIAO is the only manufacture makes solderless JTAG cables. It can be used on any SB5100, SB5101, SB4200 and SB4100 models.

Connect one end to your PC's parallel port and the other to the modem, then you are ready to go.

This package contains:
  • 10 Pin buffered JTAG cable for cable modem
  • 10 Pin male header 
  • Solderless adapter

It comes with free 10 pin header and a solderless adapter. No need to solder the pins onto your cable modem. Be careful of other JTAG cables for cable modem. They are not buffered, they could damage your cable modem. They also require you to solder a 10 pin header on the PCB of your modem.

Note: This cable will also work for FTA receivers using our zJTAG software.

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