Shin-Etsu X23-7783D Thermal Compound 3 Gram

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This thermal interface compound is developed by Shin Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. to meet the current and future requirements of high-performance microprocessors.

It is used to increase surface contact area for heat transfer by minimizing any air bubbles that exists between the top of the processor and the base of the heat sink.

The is a high-performance thermal paste used on CPUs and GPUs.

Don't be fooled by cheap thermal pastes sold on eBay, they don't give you any specification of the thermal paste, you don't know the Thermal Conductivity etc.

If you have done enough research, you will realize that silver thermal paste has way better performance than the white ones, why? because it has silvers in it (that is why it has higher thermal conductivity), while white ones do not. High-performance thermal grease. Good for general applications. More forgiving in situations where the heat sink block is not a perfect finish.

Injector with cap for easy application and storage. 3gm syringe


AppearanceGray GreaseGray Grease
Specific gravity2.552.55
Viscosity (Pa•s)180(600)200(800)
Thermal conductivity (W/m•°C)4.0(6.0*)3.5(6.0*)
Dielectric breakdown voltage (kV)Below measurement limitBelow measurement limit
Volatile constant (%)2.582.43
Low-molecular-weight silicon content (ppm)Less than 100Less than 100

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