Usbtinyisp - AVR programmer & SPI interface

Product Code: USBTINYISP
Availability: Pre-Order

AVRdude compatible - support for usbtiny added in v5.5!

USB drivers available for Windows using libusb, no drivers needed for Mac OS X or Linux.

Durable off-the-shelf enclosure High speed! Max clock rate is 400KHz. Write speed:1Kb/s, read speed: 2Kb/s. (Atmega8 takes 8s to write, 4s to read/verify) 2 LEDs to indicate "USB/Power good" and "Busy" I/O is buffered to allow programming of 2V-6V targets (v2)

Works with any AVR ISP chip with 64K of flash (or less) - does not work with Atmega1281/1280/2561/2560

Powered off of 5V USB bus at less than 100mA to allow it to be used with unpowered USB hubs

Easily accessible jumper to power target project off of USB (target must be 5V tolerant, of course) Remove the jumper and it will self-power but buffer the I/O to match the target device. (v2)

Easily interfaced with libusb Existing firmware allows for fast SPI interfacing using USB Bit-bang commands provide 8 bits of I/O control (including LED) for open-ended project ideas    

Package comes with the following items:

  • 1x USB A to Mini USB B cable
  • 1x 6 pin flat cable

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