ESC VESC® BLDC Open-Source Electric Skateboard ESC (Fully Assembled)

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This is the fully assembled VESC® controller board.

TIAO ESC is fully compatible with VESC® Software. TIAO ESC is based upon the VESC® Open Source Project.


  • v4.12 Hardware (Latest hardware version)
  • Latest v2.18 for Firmware for FOC (Latest firmware version)
  • 10awg motor wires w/ 5.5mm bullet connectors.
  • Bootloader and Firmware Loaded. With Motor Detection & FOC Tested.
  • Strong, Reliable and Progressive Electric Brakes.
  • Start from a stop with Unsensored or Sensorless Motors as if it was Sensored.
  • Many Safety Features such as Current Control and Temperature Control Features.
  • Sensored and Unsensored (FOC) Field Oriented Control allows your electric skateboard to run with barely any motor noise.
  • Built in 5V BEC (Used to power your receiver.)
  • Voltage: 8V to 60V (Up to 14S LiPo Voltage)
  • Current: Up to 240A for a few seconds or 50A continous
  • PCB size is 40mm x 60mm
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Sensored or Sensorless operation
  • Great start-up torque with sensorless motors
  • VESC complete size is 120mm long, 40mm wide.

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