JP1.2/1.3 (FLASH) USB Cable for Universal Remotes

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USB version of JP1.2/JP1.3 cable to program your JP1.2 or JP1.3 enabled universal remote control.

We have designed a special header for this cable, it will fit all JP1.2/1.3's port openings.

These are our latest JP1.2/1.3 cables for the new OFA remotes. This cable does NOT require a serial port. It only requires a USB port.

Every computer has a USB port nowdays.

OFA uses a new interface on the newer remotes, the old JP1/JP1.1 interface doesn't work on these new models. The version of the JP1.2/1.3 (FLASH) cable is designed to work on these new OFA models. With this cable, you can download / upload codes to your remote.

This JP1.2/JP1.3 cable is made by TIAO Corp. A long time JP1/1.1/1.2/1.3 cable manufacture.

JP1.2 Remotes:

  • URC-6690 
  • URC-6020 
  • URC-6820 
  • URC-7555 (It appears that URC-7555's connector socket at the back of the remote is too small, this cable's 6 pin header WILL fit into it. No special adapter needed)
  • URC-8206 
  • URC-8820
  • URC-10820

Most new One For All remotes are JP1.2/1.3 compatible. You can also open the battery cover, you should see a 6 pin IDC header. If you see "JP1.2" or "JP1.3" above the IDC header, then your remote is JP1.2/1.3 compatible.

Please Note: not all JP1.2/1.3 remotes are clearly labeled as such, some are misleadingly labeled as JP1, so if you're unsure which type your remote is, please ask.

This package includes:

  • JP1.2/1.3 USB cable.

All components are surface mount components and are pre-soldered on the PCB inside the USB shell. It is ready to use.

If you remote is an older model and it is JP1 enabled, you can use a JP1 cable. The JP1.2/1.3 connector opening on some remotes (URC-7555, RS 15-135, URC-7780, URC-4001 and more) are too small to fit an 2x3 IDC plug. We designed a special header for this cable, thus it can be fitted in these small openings without using an adapter.

THIS CABLE WON'T WORK WITH JP1.1 REMOTES. If you have JP1.1 remotes, please check our JP1.1/JP1.2 CABLE. 

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