JP1/JP1.1/JP1.2/JP1.3 Socket Extension Adapter

Product Code: JP1-EXT
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This is a nice socket adapter for your JP1/JP1.1/JP1.2/JP1.3 remote.

The standard JP1.x opening is 10mm x 14mm. The JP1/JP1.2/JP1.3 header is 6mm x 12mm.

Most remotes has the standard opening size, which means you can connect the JP1/JP1.2/JP1.3 on the remote without any problems.

However, some new URC / Comcast remotes (URC-7555, RS 15-135, URC-7780, URC-4001 and more) do not have the standard opening size. They rather has a size of 9mm x 11mm. The JP1/JP1.2/JP1.3 header is too large for these remotes. This extension adapter allows you to extend the JP1/JP1.2/JP1.3 connector on the remote, so you will be able to plug the JP1/JP1.2/JP1.3 cable to your remote. Browse the photo for more information.

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