JP1.2/1.3 (FLASH) USB Cable for Universal Remotes (FTDI Chip)

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This version of cable is powered by FTDI chip, so it has better compatibility. It also has TX/RX LEDs (you will need to open the USB cable in order to see them) for debugging purpose.

USB version of JP1.2/JP1.3 cable to program your JP1.2 or JP1.3 enabled universal remote control.

We have designed a special header for this cable, it will fit all JP1.2/1.3's port openings. These are our latest JP1.2/1.3 cables for the new OFA remotes. This cable does NOT require a serial port. It only requires a USB port.

Every computer has a USB port nowdays. OFA uses a new interface on the newer remotes, the old JP1/JP1.1 interface doesn't work on these new models.

The version of the JP1.2/1.3 (FLASH) cable is designed to work on these new OFA models. With this cable, you can download / upload codes to your remote. This JP1.2/JP1.3 cable is made by TIAO Corp. A long time JP1/1.1/1.2/1.3 cable manufacture.

JP1.2 Remotes:

  • URC-6690
  • URC-6020
  • URC-6820
  • URC-7555 (It appears that URC-7555's connector socket at the back of the remote is too small, this cable's 6 pin header WILL fit into it. No special adapter needed)
  • URC-8206
  • URC-8820
  • URC-10820

Most new One For All remotes are JP1.2/1.3 compatible. You can also open the battery cover, you should see a 6 pin IDC header. If you see "JP1.2" or "JP1.3" above the IDC header, then your remote is JP1.2/1.3 compatible.

Please Note: not all JP1.2/1.3 remotes are clearly labeled as such, some are misleadingly labeled as JP1, so if you're unsure which type your remote is, please ask.

This package includes:

  • JP1.2/1.3 USB cable.

All components are surface mount components and are pre-soldered on the PCB inside the USB shell. It is ready to use. If you remote is an older model and it is JP1 enabled, you can use a JP1 cable. The JP1.2/1.3 connector opening on some remotes (URC-7555, RS 15-135, URC-7780, URC-4001 and more) are too small to fit an 2x3 IDC plug. We designed a special header for this cable, thus it can be fitted in these small openings without using an adapter.


If you have JP1.1 remotes, please check our JP1.1/JP1.2 CABLE. 

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